Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's time for another DIY project!  Since I received the news of becoming a fourth grade teacher, I have gone from feeling shocked to feeling super excited.  I am actually heading to my school building tomorrow to move (once again) my classroom and check out the new space.  Don't worry...I will take some pictures to post the adventures of this new 4th grade teacher.
Since I am also obsessed with Pinterest, I recently saw some stools for guided reading tables that I fell in love with instantly.  I decided I had to make some of these stools for my new classroom.  Since it is my birthday today, I had mom come over and help me put these bad boys together.
Materials Needed:
- One large roll of foam
- Home Depot Buckets (& lids)
- Staple Gun
- 2 Yards of Fabric of your Choice
- Scissors

 Step 1: Trace the tops of the buckets on the foam.  Cut the circle pieces out.
 Step 2: Cut the fabric big enough to fit over the lid and foam.
 Step 3: Staple gun the fabric onto the lid.
 Tada!  How easy is that?!?! 
 They are the easiest seats to make for your classroom!!  I will say that I am exchanging the orange bucket for another purple.  It just doesn't "fit". 
I absolutely love the way they turned out and it really wasn't that expensive of a craft!  I would say it was about $35.00 for the buckets, fabric, foam, & lids!  Not too shabby considering real already made stools can be pretty pricey.
So give it a try!! :)
Until next craft,


  1. I love this! I contemplated making the seats out of milk crates, but didn't think they would be tall enough for my kids, but I think these would definitely work. I ♥ the color scheme as well! Can't wait to see how cute your room will look!

  2. Loving the project! Very creative!


  3. That's such a great idea! Not only are they great stools, but they are great storage space too! Think of everything you could store in those cute little bucket stools! Too bad my kids are too big for those other wise I would craft me some up for my classroom : )

  4. did i miss the teaching announcement? holy smokes that is awesome. those are some lucky students! :)

    these are awesome!

  5. This is the cutest craft ever! As a fifth grade teacher, my students will love it in our classroom! (i am stealing your idea:) SInce you are so clever and creative, I was just wondering if you do a theme for your classroom? Last year I did Hollywood and was thinking of a sports theme this year! Didn't know if you had any other ideas I could steal/swap! Thanks for blogging this!

  6. These are super cute!! Thank you for visiting my blog!!! (I'm following you now!)
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  7. Oh wow that is SOOOO CUTE. I love it!!!! Excellent job, girl!

    Belly B :)

  8. super cute! great idea!

    jenna duty

  9. Hey girlie!! Thanks for checkin out my blog ...and Oh My Gosh, I cant believe Rachel from BB was your sorority sister!!! Were you friends with her? That's crazy! And after last night's episode, her and Brendon make me want to vomit even more lol ...Tell me more, I want details!!! haha :)

  10. I just want you to know, I am totally stealing this idea! (I will give credit!) I just told hubs last week I wanted those stool/storage things but couldn't see spending $80 for them! So we made a trip to home depot after church today to get these buckets :) THANK YOU!!

  11. How do you remove the bucket handles? Also, do the cushions slip off easily when the kids sit on them?

  12. Where did you get colored buckets. I bought white buckets and painted them but the paint comes off and I have to repaint them each school year.

  13. Thanks for the tutorial! Others said to buy wooden circles... I like your idea of stapling right to the lid!! I'm making mine tomorrow for my little kinders! :)

  14. Do the lids snap back on after covering them or do they just sit on top?
    Love these...and need easy!!

  15. Hi! I just found out I am moving to another room with much less storage. Booo. I have two questions: you said that you got the buckets at Home Depot. We have only seen the orange buckets. Did you get these at Home Depot? and What exactly do you store in these adorable buckets? Thank You!!

  16. Great post! I love this idea. I teach middle school. Wondering how much weight these can hold? Are they sturdy?