Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Really Good Stuff

I am pretty much addicted to Really Good Stuff and I can spend a whole lot of money on their materials.  Before the school year was even out in June, I found some things in the clearance section of the website that I knew I had to have.   I have even been browsing here lately and nothing has jumped out at me yet!  Have you found anything that you have ordered for the upcoming school year?

Here is what I have ordered:
 This is a beginning and end of the year activity.  The kids write letters to themselves at the beginning of the year.  They put it in an envelope and then open it back up at the end of year.  Cute, huh?
 I also bought this new system for jobs.  I have tried four different ways to do classroom jobs and I haven't liked any of them so far.  Sooo....I thought why not try another one?!?!  What works for you?
 I also bought this Venn Diagram activity!  I thought it would be cute to do at the beginning of the year.  My kids usually have an idea about Venn's at the beginning so this is a little reinforcement for them.
 I got these two gazettes because they were $1.99 each for a set of 32. Once I got them I realized they were a little above my kid's level but I could use them for enrichment.
 We study a lot of tricky endings so I got this poster and cards that help the kids work with tricky endings.  Sorry for the cruddy pictures!
Last but not least, I bought this "Pick-a-Pumpkin" writing prompt activity.  I can use this during my workshop time for my students to do!  It comes with a TON of pumpkins they can use to pick what they want to write about.  It is super cute and it was only like two bucks!
I plan to keep searching for some cute beginning of the year stuff too!  I love great deals and great materials!
Until next shopping trip,


  1. I would totally want you for a teacher! Such fun looking things :)

  2. Cute stuff! I ordered tons from them last year but haven't looked at the catalog yet this year. Are you on Pinterest? There are tons of teaching ideas on there =-)

  3. you are going to have the best classroom ever!!!

  4. I looove really good stuff...I love the letter idea...I already went to target to stock up on school supplies but haven't bought any other things yet...