Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bachelorette Bash

Blogger has really made me mad.  I tried to upload these pictures in a specific order and they pop up all out of order and everything..ugh.  Venting now done.  Anyways, this past weekend was my best friend's bachelorette party!  Being the matron of honor, it was my job (gladly) to plan her weekend with the bridesmaids.  I planned the weekend right here in Charlotte, NC (requested from the bride) and wanted to make it a weekend to remember for her.  Since the pictures are a little out of order (I apologize!), I'm going to skip around the weekend.

The girls arrived on Friday evening to the hotel where we were staying, Embassy Suites!  They arrived just in time for the cocktail hour that the hotel hosts every evening from 5:30-7:30.  Free alcohol, yes please!

Anyways, here is a pic from Saturday night.  We went to dinner at Rock Bottom in downtown Charlotte!

 After eating dinner at Rock Bottom, we headed to the Epicenter!  The Epicenter has tons of clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. for people to go to!  We first went to Bubble, a champagne bar, and toasted to the bachelorette!  We then made our way to Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar, to have some fun with the ladies.  There were tons of bachelorette parties there too!  It was funny to see the decor and outfits that bachelorette parties come up with.  I will say by far we had some of the cutest decor!

Here is a pic from the end of the up, check!  sweating, check! feather boas off, check!  This was a pic. from where we ended the night.  We went to Suite, a dance club, and had a VIP booth!  Nice dude photo bombing our picture...obviously he had a bit much to drink.
 Here are some of my favorite pictures!  My best friend, Megan, and I spent a lot of time and energy getting the decor ready for the weekend before the other ladies arrived.  Megan came a couple days early and we got to spend time with one another before the weekend got started.  I hand cut out the letters and made the sayings that we had around the room!  We also had welcome bags for everyone when they arrived.  Inside we had: hot pink feather boas, Man Hunt Stickers (which were a blast on Saturday night) sunglasses for the pool, koozies, ring pops, saches (those things that you put in drawers to make them smell good), beads for Saturday night, and a Scavenger Hunt!
 We also had hand painted cups for everyone!  On the cups were everyone's dresses.  Each lady is wearing a different dress for the wedding and Megan's mom painted them for us on there!  Cute, huh?
 Here is more of our decor... We had a lingerie shower for the bride on Friday night so we put up the saying, "Something sexy, something sweet, something to knock him off his feet."  We also brought table cloths to cover the Embassy tables. 
 We decorated the bar/sink area with the saying, "Eat, Drink, and Party on". 
 Megan and I also made cookies for the lingerie shower!  Are these not so adorable?!?
 This is my best friend, Megan (on the right) and me after decorating the room!  We headed down to cocktail hour early to wait on the other girls!
 Here is a picture of all the girls!  The bride is the one in the orange dress with glasses!

 On Saturday, we went to my neighborhood pool for some fun in the sun!  It was great to be able to relax and chill for the day before our night out!
 Here we all are at Bubble...getting the night started! :)
I would have to say it was a successful weekend and I am so thankful for the bride to be and happy we could plan such a fun weekend for her and the other bridesmaids!!'s countdown until her wedding!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Delicious & Healthy Dinner Recipe

It's Monday morning again...I'm going to try to avoid a McFrappe today. I didn't blog for a whole week..I can't believe it!  Although my mom was in town for the entire week to help with the little one and to visit her friends here in NC!  It was fabulous having mom here...even if it was just to change a diaper, rock him to sleep, or sing him songs.  I actually got things done around the house and it was lovely.  

It was also my hubby's birthday on Saturday!  This sweet man turned 28! We felt really blessed to have mom in town because we actually got in a couple hours at the pool and then we got to go out to dinner, just the two of us.  We realized we hadn't done a whole lot just the two of us since little man was born.  It was great to have time together!  I will say we were losers Saturday night though...when little man went to bed, we were in bed too.  We knew that was our time to sleep so we took full advantage!  Hope there are other moms that do that too...reassurance needed.

Anyways...we made a delicious and healthy dinner last night and I wanted to share!  Trying to shed some of my baby weight....

Hummus and Grilled Chicken Wraps

Ingredients Needed:
1 tomato
1 red onion
1 cucumber 
chicken (1 chicken breast)
Hummus (flavor of your choice)
Garlic Powder
Pita Bread

1.  Chop the tomato, onion, and cucumber.  Mix it in a small bowl! 
2.  Sprinkle garlic powder (or chopped garlic clove) on the mixture.
3.  Add oil! (I know people use different types of oil...doesn't matter what kind!)
4.  Grill chicken and chop into small pieces.
5.  Spread hummus on pita bread.  Sprinkle the mixture of veggies onto the bread and add chicken!  
6.  ENJOY! :)  

It was so delicious!  Not to mention it was extremely healthy too!  If you use a whole tomato, onion, and cucumber, you will have enough for leftovers!  There was enough for two of us with one chicken breast too.  Grill two chicken breasts if you want leftovers!  I plan on having one for lunch today too.

Let me know if you try it and what you think! :)
Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to all of you and your wonderful husbands, dads, grandpas, and moms who are serving the role as daddy in their house too!  I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted Father's Day to be about my little one and his daddy.  I didn't want to overdo the giving gifts thing and really play up how exciting it is that he became a father this year.  I decided to leave a trail from the bed to the kitchen this morning with little notes and goodies that my hubby likes.

A couple of the things he got was a thing of mixed nuts (snacks for the office), Swedish Fish, Reese's, and there was also a big thing of Sprite Zero that I didn't take a picture of.

 I also gave him two t-shirts that he had been eying at Kohl's, along with a little quote.
 He got two books to read with our little guy!
 Finally, this sweet poem called "Walk With Me, Daddy".  I had it printed a framed. 
I sure hope the hubby enjoyed his first Father's Day as a father.  I know it was special for me to watch him enjoy it and to pray that there are many more Father's Day's to celebrate as a family.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good morning friends!  I can't believe it is Thursday already.  I remember how tired I was on Monday morning and now the week is almost over.  Anyways...have you guys heard of this app called Viggle?  I have been hearing a lot about it from watching the Ellen Show and I finally downloaded the app to check it out!  It is fabulous I must say!

 So basically if you watch t.v (who doesn't?) you can earn points and trade them in for gift cards or products. Crazy huh?  You are getting rewarded for watching t.v.  I think this is something that I don't want to introduce to my little one when he is older.  Society doesn't need another reason to watch t.v however...this one has me hooked!  Here is how it works...

 Right now I have almost 5,000 points and I have had it for about a week.  I seriously scan the t.v when it is on for every show and sometimes I scan and turn off the t.v or leave the room.  Cheating?!?  Oh well!  I can't wait to get my first prize!

Another fun and exciting thing happened yesterday.  I have been reading a lot of blogs and forums online from other women who have had children recently and the one thing that always stuck out to me was that a lot of women have found new moms in the area to get together with for their own sanity!  Two of my friends (both named Ashley, which is nuts!)  have had children recently.  They are each a week apart.  The other two Ashley's didn't know each other and I thought it would be a fun idea to get both of them over to meet and to have adult/baby time altogether.  It was absolutely amazing!  Here is a pic of all three of our boys together.  My little one is on the left in orange, the oldest of the three is in the middle, and the youngest of the three is on the right!
It was really nice to have two other women to discuss birthing stories, breastfeeding stories, funny moments, family moments, etc. with.  We got to discuss all the things we know our husband's don't really care that much about.  I had the girls over to my house and we were together for about three hours just chatting, feeding the boys, laughing, and having a ball.  I'm so thankful we did that and we decided it was something we were going to do more often.  I think it would be great to get together monthly or even biweekly.  The boys are so close in age that we can discuss milestones, troubles, behavior, and all that "stuff" with each other and share advice.  Here is another pic. from the playdate.
Anyone else get together with other new moms or with families with kids their same age?  Do you find it therapeutic?  It was such a weight lifted off my shoulder yesterday and I am thankful for moments like those.

For's off to watch Live With Kelly & Michael and it's time to earn some more points on Viggle! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Favorite Baby Things

It's 2 o'clock...The Talk is on...and I just want to sit in silence. This morning Little Man and I had to run up to my school to turn in the laptop I had at home (that BTW was never turned on) for inventory purposes.  What I thought was going to be a quick visit ended up lasting two hours because everyone wanted to see and hold my baby.  Hello, germs.  I loved getting to show him off but the overstimulation has really done us in this afternoon. Phew!!!  I  have finally gotten him down for an afternoon nap after what seemed like hours of crying and fussing.  Nothing I could do worked.  FINALLY...a little nursing action calmed him down and he is out for the count right now.  I'm a terrible mom...he is on the bed with me as I'm typing.  There was no way I was going to risk him waking up trying to put him down in his "nap spot".  NO WAY!  Certainly other moms have done this too right?  Please tell me yes.

Since I am having a moment of peace and allowing my ears to take a break, I thought I would remind myself of the fabulous things that Little Man LOVES! 

First up...AVENT BOTTLES! (natural)

 I am a nursing mom of almost seven weeks..woohoo!!!  I never thought I would actually last more than a couple days breastfeeding but now it is second nature and is such a healthy option for my baby.  However when I venture out and need to pump bottles for him, Avent bottles are wonderful!  I get the natural ones and they have a great flow and L.M. (Little Man) adjusted to them on bottle #1.  He doesn't have any confusion with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  They are a great product to have!

Second on my list...GRACO PACK N PLAY! 
 We have this guy (in green) right in our bedroom.  Since it has a changing station attached to it, we have an easy place right in our room for a changing table.  I couldn't imagine having to go upstairs every time LM needs a diaper changed.  Yes, the one upstairs is gorgeous BUT the convenience of having this one beats anything else.  It is also LM's nap time spot!  He won't sleep in this overnight (which is fine by me) but I am trying to get him adjusted to the roominess so that when we move him to his crib, he will be familiar with a similar space.  He sleeps belly down (ooooo I know I am breaking the rules!) in here with me closely supervising him! :)

 I didn't know a darn thing about pacifiers before he was born and now I have a favorite!  The Soothie paci is what the hospital gives you (or what you steal extras of) and they are fabulous.  I don't use a paci often but when I do, this one suits him best.  I have tried other brands and he just doesn't take them as well as he does with these.  

Fourth on the list: PLAY YARD!
 This was actually given to me by another mommy that had her baby a week before me!  She received four play yards and I had two but I didn't have one that I was using downstairs.  (BTW what a pain to have things up and downstairs)  She so graciously gave this one to me to use and to try if it worked.  Now, LM loves this play yard.  He will lay under it and stare at the toys for 30 minutes if I let him.  He coo's at them and swats them around.  He doesn't even care about the other play yards anymore.  Seriously...he could care less.  There is also a lifted more cushion-y part where the monkey's head is so LM has tummy time on this mat too.  He loves it because he can stare at the black/white contrast of the monkey's eyes.  This is a secret winner!

Last but not least and my FAVORITE!!!!....Rock-n-Play!
This baby product has been our saving grace here in our house!  After our first night home with LM, we knew we needed something that he would sleep in.  I sent my hubby out to Buy Buy Baby where he came home with this.  On the box said, "For a restful nights sleep."  My hubby said that is what sold him!  Turns out it truly is a gift!!!  The first week, LM woke up twice a night to nurse and then would go back to sleep with some rocking on my part.  Now (he is six weeks), LM only wakes up once in the night to nurse and sleeps peacefully in this.  It is elevated so if your baby has acid reflux or anything of that nature, it will help them.  It also allows them to rock themselves.  When LM pushes with his feet, the bed will rock and help put himself to sleep.  This is by far my favorite product out there!

Sooo...let's share our baby secrets.  What products do you love?  What has worked for you?

Monday, June 10, 2013


It's Monday ya'll!  I used to dislike Monday mornings a lot but now that I am lucky enough to stay home with my little man, I have turned into quite the morning person.  I used to have to wake up at 5:15 to get ready for my fabulous job teaching fourth graders.  I swear most mornings I was not awake getting dressed and once I finally woke up at work, I questioned my ability to pick out clothes.  It's a wonder none of my coworkers ever asked me about my choice of wardrobe or why I was wearing mismatched shoes...friends? Maybe not...Just kidding!  Love my coworkers!

Anyways, I used to be obsessed with....

 A Starbucks Frappucino was my go-to drink on a daily basis for many many years. I thought I HAD to have this wonderful goodness in a plastic cup before I could get my day going.  Of course, I went through some health kicks where I gave up these caramel calories but it never lasted too long.  The only thing that gave me a bit of trouble was the fact that I was paying almost five bucks for one medium sized cup, filled with sugar, whipped cream, and the most perfect caramel drizzle. I now have no paycheck coming in which leads to not wanting to spend hubby's cash on something a bit higher priced that normal.  Perhaps they should consider lowering their prices permanently, not just during random happy hour weeks.

Seeing as how I have the problem I have (which dear Lord isn't a problem at all) I started looking for alternate options.  Let me start by saying I despise McDonald's.  I can't stand their food and I feel like it just adds a pound to each thigh eating it.  I used to have drunken evenings in college and found myself in a car full of sorority sisters driving through the McDonald's in Cullowhee for some paste-nuggets.  Ugh!  I would wake up hating life (hungover AND the idea that I ate that stuff.)  However I put my distaste for the place aside and thought I would try their Frappe's since the commercials claim they are amazing.


After my first sip, I was INSTANTLY hooked.  These things are AHHH-MAZING!  I can't get enough of them.  Now I know, I's even more sugary goodness but I can't help myself.  Not only does it taste WAY better than Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, etc.  it is much cheaper.  I mean I save three dollars for an even bigger sized about a deal!  I have limited myself to two a week at the moment because I could literally gain ten pounds in a week just eating these.  Since it is Monday morning...perhaps I should put little man in the car seat and head through the drive-through?!?!  It is a rainy, dreary Monday here in the drive through window may see me once again this week.

Now my rant is over.  I think I just needed to justify why I drink these...yikes!  Obsessed much?!?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This morning has started out quite interesting already.  I woke up at four to feed my sweet little one and have been up ever since.  I don't know if it's the sound of the Sound Machine blaring in our bedroom, the obnoxiously loud snoring of the hubby, or the fact that my body is so used to being awake at the most random hours that is keeping me awake.  Whatever it is, I'm up and ready to take on Tuesday and what is has in store for me.
As I'm eating breakfast (English muffin & apple w/ peanut butter) I'm pondering what in the world I should blog about at 6:36 in the morning...
Perhaps thinking of all the things I know that has the word "Tuesday" in it. Random?
 I had to read "Tuesdays with Morrie" in college.  My minor was in psychology and I had to take a class called "Death and Dying"  Yes, I'm serious that was actually a class.  We read this book in that class and I believe had to write a paper on it.  What is sad is that I can't remember what the book was about or what I wrote my paper on.  All I can remember is that I thought my professor was like 80 something years old and I was worried that it might not be the best class for him to be teaching.  Mean?

 Fat Tuesday!  Have you ever been there?  I actually have only been to the one in Cancun, Mexico.  I went with a group of girlfriends in college for spring break. Yes, my parents actually let me go.  We went to the Fat Tuesday that was on the beach for a fun night out.  I can't remember all the details but I had a good time.  Cheers to Fat Tuesday!

I'm not thrilled to have thought of Ruby Tuesday for my random post today but I had to throw it in here.  I am not a fan of this restaurant at all.  In fact I am pretty funny when it comes to certain chain restaurants.  I can't eat there.  I don't know what it is about it but I can't bring myself to do it.  Same goes for restaurants like Red Lobster, Applebees, Fatz, etc. It's just not my thing.

Seriously, I could only think of three things that had the word "Tuesday" in them.  Maybe I'm not as awake as I think I am.

Let's research...

I found a list of songs that had the word "Tuesday" in them.  I don't know if I know these songs but perhaps you do?

Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones

Sunday Monday Tuesday by Jessica Jones
Tuesday's Dead by Cat Stevens
Tuesday Afternoon by Jennifer Brown

I only found one movie title with Tuesday in it.

If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium (1969)

That's about all I've got...Is there anything I'm missing?  

Have a wonderful Tuesday!