Monday, July 18, 2011

Gettin' Craft With It

It has been one lazy day for me here at the house.  I figured out that I am way too old to hang like I used to.  Do you ever have those nights where you think you are still 21? will be awhile before I have those thoughts anymore.  I decided to take today to do a little crafting!  I found this idea from another blog (& I can't remember whose it was).  When I saw this idea I knew I had to try it out myself.
You need:  wooden dowels (37 cents a piece), little wooden shapes (59 cents a piece), glue gun, & ribbon  There are several different sizes of wooden dowels and honestly any of them will work!

When I first started teaching my mom gave me a bucket of pointers.  Some had the Jack-in-the-Box heads on the ends, shapes, balls, etc.  Over the years my students have broken them and some of them were not "cool" enough for my second graders.  I was dedicated to making some of my own but honestly I never had put much thought into making them.  Until now...

 I found the larger glitter shapes on clearance for 29 cents at Michael's and the smaller shapes for 59 cents.  Not bad huh?  I also bought some ribbon for 1 dollar a roll from Michael's.  Cheap craft!  Here are all of my completed pointers...


  1. Very cute! I always try to make some to coordinate with whatever theme I'm doing too! What do you keep yours in? I've been wanting to make a cute bucket for them, but haven't gotten around to it yet!

  2. awwww this is too cute. My friend is throwing her kiddo a birthday party and this would be perfect decorations. =)

  3. Just found your blog and youre already one of the favorite ones I follow!
    LOVE these crafts!