Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bachelorette Bash

Blogger has really made me mad.  I tried to upload these pictures in a specific order and they pop up all out of order and everything..ugh.  Venting now done.  Anyways, this past weekend was my best friend's bachelorette party!  Being the matron of honor, it was my job (gladly) to plan her weekend with the bridesmaids.  I planned the weekend right here in Charlotte, NC (requested from the bride) and wanted to make it a weekend to remember for her.  Since the pictures are a little out of order (I apologize!), I'm going to skip around the weekend.

The girls arrived on Friday evening to the hotel where we were staying, Embassy Suites!  They arrived just in time for the cocktail hour that the hotel hosts every evening from 5:30-7:30.  Free alcohol, yes please!

Anyways, here is a pic from Saturday night.  We went to dinner at Rock Bottom in downtown Charlotte!

 After eating dinner at Rock Bottom, we headed to the Epicenter!  The Epicenter has tons of clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. for people to go to!  We first went to Bubble, a champagne bar, and toasted to the bachelorette!  We then made our way to Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar, to have some fun with the ladies.  There were tons of bachelorette parties there too!  It was funny to see the decor and outfits that bachelorette parties come up with.  I will say by far we had some of the cutest decor!

Here is a pic from the end of the up, check!  sweating, check! feather boas off, check!  This was a pic. from where we ended the night.  We went to Suite, a dance club, and had a VIP booth!  Nice dude photo bombing our picture...obviously he had a bit much to drink.
 Here are some of my favorite pictures!  My best friend, Megan, and I spent a lot of time and energy getting the decor ready for the weekend before the other ladies arrived.  Megan came a couple days early and we got to spend time with one another before the weekend got started.  I hand cut out the letters and made the sayings that we had around the room!  We also had welcome bags for everyone when they arrived.  Inside we had: hot pink feather boas, Man Hunt Stickers (which were a blast on Saturday night) sunglasses for the pool, koozies, ring pops, saches (those things that you put in drawers to make them smell good), beads for Saturday night, and a Scavenger Hunt!
 We also had hand painted cups for everyone!  On the cups were everyone's dresses.  Each lady is wearing a different dress for the wedding and Megan's mom painted them for us on there!  Cute, huh?
 Here is more of our decor... We had a lingerie shower for the bride on Friday night so we put up the saying, "Something sexy, something sweet, something to knock him off his feet."  We also brought table cloths to cover the Embassy tables. 
 We decorated the bar/sink area with the saying, "Eat, Drink, and Party on". 
 Megan and I also made cookies for the lingerie shower!  Are these not so adorable?!?
 This is my best friend, Megan (on the right) and me after decorating the room!  We headed down to cocktail hour early to wait on the other girls!
 Here is a picture of all the girls!  The bride is the one in the orange dress with glasses!

 On Saturday, we went to my neighborhood pool for some fun in the sun!  It was great to be able to relax and chill for the day before our night out!
 Here we all are at Bubble...getting the night started! :)
I would have to say it was a successful weekend and I am so thankful for the bride to be and happy we could plan such a fun weekend for her and the other bridesmaids!!'s countdown until her wedding!