Friday, July 15, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

I love summer!  Want to know why?  Well summer is practically the only time that the hubby and I can accomplish projects around the house.  During the school year, the time is just not there.  If you are a teacher, you completely know what I mean.  We have lived in our house a little over three years and the house is STILL not together yet.  I don't know how people can move in their house and the whole place can be decorated within a weekend.  If that is you, I am jealous.  We have literally taken three years and the house is not nearly done.
One of the projects we have been wanting to do is to re-do the guest bathroom that is downstairs.  I think this is the most commonly used bathroom in our house.  Everyone who comes over uses this bathroom.  Look at boring it has been.

 Ok, you can't see the sink, toilet, mirror, etc.  Sorry, the layout of the bathroom doesn't really let me get a picture of everything.  When we bought our house the entire thing was painted a tan color.  It really allowed us to have a clean slate however; it has taken us awhile to figure out the different colors we have wanted around the house.  After searching Home Depot for the perfect color, we decided on...
 Pink?  Yea right.  The hubby would never let that happen.
 Hot pink? Never.
 Streaked maroon-ish? Nope.
 Still a little too red/pinkish.
And finally.....TADA!  Of course you can't see the entire bathroom but we redid the outlets with brushed nickel and just made it more welcoming and not so boring.  I love it!  I have to give credit to the hubby because he did all the painting and fixing the fixtures.  All I can take credit for is the table with the decor and the rug! Kudos to the hubby for the fabulous job he did to make our bathroom look more pleasant.  Next project?  Hardwood floors in the t.v room and new french doors (instead of a sliding glass door).
Until next home improvement,


  1. oooo...I love the new bathroom! A newly redone room just so satisfying! I completely agree about not being able to tackle projects during the only stresses me out! lol! I'm glad to hear we aren't the only ones living in an unfinished house! We've lived here 2 years and I just finished the downstairs!

  2. Thats very pretty and rich color!!!

    Im your new folower!


  3. Lovely makeover! I think our guest bathrooms are the same color now.