Thursday, July 14, 2011

Target Addiction

I'm sure like many others shopping at Target is quite an addiction.  I could go into Target everyday and find things I didn't see the day before.  Unfortunately for my bank account, there are two Targets within a mile from my house. 
I traveled the l-o-n-g journey to Target yesterday for the usual soap, shampoo, body wash, etc. All that stuff that you don't necessarily like shopping for.  At some point during my shopping excursion I found myself in the kid section on an aisle that was labeled CLEARANCE.  There is something about that word that just attracts me.  I think I'm like my dogs when they see squirrels in the backyard.  If it says CLEARANCE, I am there!
As I was browsing the aisle, I ran across sidewalk chalk in all different sizes.  The small pack of sidewalk chalk that had 12 pieces of chalk in it were only 68 cents!  I'm not even kidding.  At that moment, the teacher in me came out and I thought about what I could do to use these for my future, unknown students.

This is what I decided to do:

We have a Back-to-School afternoon where the students and their parents come in to meet their teacher.  It isn't anything formal but the kids bring their supplies, find their desk, and explore their new classroom.  I decided to use a permanent marker to write "Welcome to Second Grade" on the tops of each of the packs.  (I ended up buying 27 packs!) I am going to put them on their desks for Back-to-School day for a fun goody they can take home with them. Cute, huh?
There is something about that word CLEARANCE and Target that get me every time.
Until later,


  1. Your 2nd grade kiddos are going to love the chalk. What a steal!
    Target tries to take over a hundred of my dollars every time I visit. Even if it's just for a card or batteries.

  2. I LOVE Target! What a great idea! :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! I fall into the "blame" trap CONSTANTLY at school--it's so much easier to blame the kids or the parents or the system...when really, all I can do is worry about ME and MY TEACHING!

    What a cute back to school gift idea. :) Good luck with back to school ventures! (I'm in denial that summer will soon be over...yikes!)

  4. Oh my gosh! What a cute idea! I'm going to have to see if our target has any! I just got moved to 2nd grade, so I just may have to pick your brain when I start thinking about school again!

  5. Love it!! I am obsessed with Target...I have 4 within 4 miles of me! hahah! You should come link this up on my new blog Target Treasures

    Miss Kindergarten