Friday, July 29, 2011

OMG! My life is changing.

TGIF!  Hooray!  Even though it is summer, I still love Friday's!  I have the computer out, Saved By The Bell on, and I just get to lay here until my 9:30 Group Power class.  It is such a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.
On another note, I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the common core math training for second grade.  On my way home yesterday, I saw that I had missed two calls from my principal.  Instantly, I became a little worried especially when the voicemail said, "Call me back.  I have to talk to you this afternoon." After I called her back and found out what her news was, this is how I felt....

 Any guesses of what she told me?  Five minutes after our phone call, I felt like this...
 Then once her news suck in, I felt like...
Any guesses?  Let me tell you anyways.  I found out that I am no longer a second grade teacher and that I have been moved to fourth grade! OMG.  I have taught second grade since I started teaching and not to mention all the crafts and activities I have spent the summer making.  These are now out the window and I am completely freaking out. 
So, my fellow teacher readers...send some fabulous ideas or words of advice.  The bigger kids make me nervous ( I know, ridiculous, right?).
Until next freak out,


  1. Your reaction is totally understandable! Take a deep breath and know that you are a fabulous teacher, no matter the grade. The kids love you, and on a positive, I'm sure you'll get some students you've already had...only the perfectly-behaved, sweet, loving ones of course! :-) Good luck!

  2. I taught Kindergarten since my first year and my principal called me one day and told me I was moving to 5th grade! Two weeks before school started! I FREAKED just like you! Needless to say, I didn't enjoy 5th grade, but I switched schools last year and taught 4th and I LOVE IT! They are at a good age...still love to learn and are sweet, not obnoxious like 5th graders, but are independent also. You will love it! If you need any help at all, I am willing to share what I learned last year! I am in NC, so I don't know curriculum wise where you are. But I have copied some of your crafts for my room this year so don't throw them ALL out :) You'll be surprised how much 4th graders love stuff like that!


  3. I agree, your reaction is totally understandable. That's a huge jump, not to mention all of the preparation you've done for 2nd grade. I used to teach 5th before I got moved down to 3rd and it was an adjustment, but they are still sweet in the upper grades. They will just love you! You will be awesome, no matter what grade you teach!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  4. That's crazy about being moved grades...I'm going to be a kindergarten teacher :) can't wait!!

    Love your blog. Happy Friday :)

  5. Thanks for being one of the first to follow my blogs! I can tell you have so much to share with fellow bloggers--I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet..but so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful teaching community! 4th grade is AWESOME! I student taught a whole semester with a wonderful fourth grade team and was lucky to land a job with my same team this year again. I have a ton of plans and worksheets handy for the WHOLE year because my team members are so generous--if you ever need any resources, feel free to ask!

  6. youll be just fine! The fourth graders will love you just as much! youll even get some of your previous 2nd graders in two years!

  7. Oh my gosh! That's a bummer about having to move grades, but I'm sure you will love 4th grade! My mom has taught 4th for YEARS and she says it's the absolute BEST age! Good luck!

  8. OMg! I hate when I get those calls from my principal!!!! I hate that for you! I I got moved 2 years in a row the week school started and it was stressful! I cried at first, but once I got it out of my system, I just tried to stay positive because I wanted to have a great year! Keep your stuff because you never know when your going back to 2nd! lol!

  9. Ah!!! I know this is a big step, but I know you will rock it being in 4th grade! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

  10. Ahhhhh I would feel the same way..I been a third grade teacher and I feel like I am a master at this grade level. Our state (IL) has been switching to Math Common Core too so I been adjusting to new curriculum...I think the only downfall about 4th grade is state standardize testing. Our state tests start at 3rd grade and up. Good luck!! Always be thankful you have a job because many teachers don't. :-)