Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a Disaster!

Let's talk....
I have been really excited this week because...
I worked Monday and Tuesday in my new FOURTH grade classroom!  

Reasons Why I am Excited:
- new challenges
- I know the children from two years ago
- getting to know other educators better
- forcing myself to learn North Carolina history
- independence
- maturity
- implement new ideas from my fabulous 4th grade blogger friends!

Reasons Why This Move Has Been Difficult:
- The building has no air currently.
- I am moving from the clean "new" building to the ancient dirty one.
-  The previous teacher's things are still in the room (not her fault though)
- And the condition of the room with two teacher's things in it

Proof #1
 Proof #2
I am telling you that my room looks at a disaster and I am freaking out about it.  We go back to work in two weeks and I can not go to school with the room looking at a tornado.  I plan to go back to fix this MESS (maybe) tomorrow for a little bit.  With having no air, it makes it really difficult to work!
I am super excited for my teacher friends who I follow because your rooms are so inspiring.  It makes me WANT to work in my room so I can show you all the end result.  But until then I leave you with my MESSY MESSY NEW room!


  1. Phew! Looks like you've got your work cut out for you! But soooo exciting:-) It's gonna look great! xoxo

  2. Good luck!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Yikes! Good luck I also took pictures of my disaster room. I plan to post before and after pics...haha

  4. If you go to the NC Museum of History website, they have a program where teachers can check out boxes for different units on NC. They will mail them to you for three weeks. There is also a binder you can buy for 15 with lessons in it. Makes teaching the history more fun :)

  5. Oh, we are soooo in the same boat! :-) I am moving to an old un-airconditioned building too. We'll both have to work hard to make our rooms welcoming, but I'm sure they will turn out great. When I was in college, I always thought I wanted only primary grades, but once I moved up to intermediate, I realized what I had been missing! I love the older grades {although primary is fun too}. I hope you enjoy it and can't wait to see how your year goes!