Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of those days...

It has been one of those days no...weeks...already....

My students haven't been well behaved the past two days.  
A co-worker of mine seems to think the world revolves around her.

My dad moved away to Savannah, Georgia. (great for him & my mom BUT...that means they are leaving us behind.  Another post about that to come.)
My dogs leave their fur around the house and it annoys me so much.

We had a community project due on Monday and maybe half of my class turned it in.  I then receive emails from parents with excuses.  Does this teach them anything?

I didn't work out at all this past weekend so, I have only worked out one day this week.  Today.

I annoyed my hubby and he got frustrated with me.

I feel asleep during the Bachelor and forgot to tape it.  Annoying.

I have lost my lunchbox for work.  I can't find it anywhere.

I have been tired every morning this week.  Why can I not sleep through the whole night?

Do you ever have weeks like this?  I just have a feeling the week is going to continue to go down this path..but I hope not. Ugh.  I hope everyone is having a better week...



  1. Yes I have weeks like that too! You have to find peace with the little things like someone holding a door open for you. I hope your week gets better! My favorite way to de-stress is to do a group fitness class: spinning or kickboxing then take a long shower, also painting my nails always brightens my day too.

    Sending happiness your way,


  2. Yes it happens to me AlOT, lol. But tomorrow will be a new hopefully better day. If not, there is always next week. XOXO Hope your week gets better.

  3. Yes - I have had weeks like this!!! Hope it gets better girly!!! : )

  4. Hang in there! I can relate to some of these for sure. Every week has its end! On the bright side, tomorrow's Friday. :-)

  5. This has seriously been the longest week ever! Glad it's the weekend! Hope next week is much better for you! :)

  6. Oh yes, I think we all have one of those weeks! Since today is Sunday, I'm wishing you a better week this upcoming week!! :)

  7. Hey girl! I just gave you the 7 facts blog award! Check my page for details! xoxo