Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Top Picks

I am so late - thanks for it being the first week back teaching!  Is anyone else exhausted with being back to work?  I have been terrible - no gym, no lasering, no blogging, nothing!  I think after I get used to being back at work and my schedule becomes normal again, I will be back to my old self again.  Boy, I can't wait for that to happen.  So hopefully I didn't miss alllll the Bachelor posts and you guys might still care about Monday nights episode.  Here are my top picks (based on one episode)  Two of my top picks were eliminated already (Ashley, the dentist & Lisa)

In no order, here are my favs...
Ashley S.

Emily (who lives where I do!)  She is friends with one of my best friends, Ashley!  She talked to her over the holiday break but, Miss Emily wouldn't give any details!

Marissa (loves sports)




Oops and I forgot Stacey!  She is on my top list!  I just really enjoyed these girls and really thought they were down to earth.  I must also admit that Mr. Womack wasn't as bad as I thought.  I thought it was hilarious when Chris Harrison brought back Jenny and Deanna!  He apologized and was a man about what happened in the past!  I think I may like this season more than I thought I would.  Who are your favorites?!  How about the fang-girl? Yikes!


  1. I love Emily! I also like Michelle right now, but have a feeling that will be changing as the season goes on. It's going to be an exciting one to watch!

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving that comment! It really made my day! Shawntel is from where my husband was raised and where I went to college so we are rooting for her but have seen tweets about who he picks from people that read reality steve. I'm following your blog now!

  3. Oh my gosh, it has been so hard to go back to work! I'm starving after school because we eat lunch at 11:40 and that is the time I was usually eating breakfast! lol!

  4. I LOVE Emily...that is awesome that she is friends with your best friend! SOO cool! So excited about this season!

  5. omg- its so funny I have almost the exact same faves. hhahahaha... Love you

  6. I LOVE emily - she's my fav. i like ashley s too. michelle is super pretty but i have a feeling she's going to go nuts on us toward the end of the season!

  7. Emily and Michelle are my would think after all these seasons we would be over this show...but NO! I love it:) Guilty pleasure!

    I have missed all you bloggers! oxoxo

  8. I just found your blog when you commented on my teacher's so cute! Emily is my fav right now. And I so understand what you mean about being so tired after school has started back. Thank goodness it's now the weekend! :)