Friday, January 7, 2011


It has been a week of dedication for Mrs. Pinkture Perfect!  I am proud to say that I make my personal goal this week for gym visits.  I started the week pretty off and I was feeling terrible about my decisions.  Honestly I didn't go to the gym Monday-Wednesday. I had graduate school/Bachelor stuff on Monday.  Then I just honestly didn't feel like it on Tuesday & Wednesday. Pitiful isn't it?  I think it may have been the exhaustion from being back to school for the first week.  So I looked on the Group Fitness class list and found a class that was being offered on Thursday evening called: Core Fitness! Sounded fun to me so I found myself waiting for the teacher to walk in the room of the fitness class!  Yikes- I had no idea what exactly the class was going to be like.  Welp...the first thirty minutes was spent on strictly abs. Ouch!  The second thirty minutes was spent on legs. Yikes!  Let's just say it was brutal and I am paying for it...still.
Well here's where the dedication part comes in.  My friend Ashley wanted me to go get drinks after school today and I made a fabulous choice!  I knew that going out to pay for expensive drinks around where we work didn't fit into my budget and I knew that I really wanted to go to the gym again today.  So I somehow convinced Ashley (who has been complaining about needing to go to the gym) to use her seven day free pass to my gym and come on a FRIDAY NIGHT! What?!?!  Who does that?

Oh yea, Zumba was awesome and the class was really small.  I would imagine that is due to the fact that most people take the night off on Friday nights.  Nope-not this girl! :)  We loved it so much that Ashley and I are getting up (not early) to head to Hip Hop Fitness!  I am really excited about that because I think that dancing is a fabulous way to get back in shape.
How are your New Years Resolutions coming in the first week of the new year?  Success?  Falling behind?  Anyways, I hope everyone had a fabulous week! :)
Until later,


  1. Yea for you and Friday night workouts!! Zumba is so fun! I wish I was as motivated as you!

  2. About to head to turbo kick myself! But more importantly congrats on hitting your gym goal! That core power class sounds awesome bytheway...wish my gym had that