Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Snow Go Away

Time to rant and rave for a minute.  Here in good 'ol North Carolina school has been canceled for the third day in a row.  And for what?  Snow and ice.  This means that as spring time comes, we will have zero days off of work until the middle of April when it is spring break.  C'mon teachers...we all know that spring is when we want the days off of work.  We have so many days off in the fall and then we crave the days in the spring.  I guess I can say how thankful I am for my class this year.  We will be spending a lot of time together, in fact more time than we will spend with our loved ones back at home.

The roads weren't even that bad today.  My friend Ashley and I were able to venture out to the gym this morning (dedication, huh?) and make it home without slipping and sliding on the roads.  I did, however notice the neighborhood roads were a bit icy.  I guess that's why the buses can't run tomorrow?  WHAT do schools up North do when they get tons of snow and ice?  I mean they can't possibly take off days and days and days.   Whatever they are doing up North, we should be doing down here in the South (or at least be prepared to do so).  THEN we wouldn't have to spend our spring days off now, when we just had two weeks off for the holidays.
So, it looks like us Charlotte teachers have a two hour delay for a Teacher Workday tomorrow and let's just remember we already have a teacher workday next Friday. Oh and please go and read the Charlotte Observer website because parents are already pissed we are using MLK Day for a makeup day.  Seriously?!?  In my opinion (sorry if this offends anyone) but who cares?!?!  What is more important? Education or taking a day off of work to do...NOTHING?
Anyways...enough of my negativeness..it will be better tomorrow..unless they call for day four of no work! Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. that is a gorgeous picture!!! I have to say I love this weather! I wish my job closed too...but unfortunately they never did!!!

    ~Romantic Savy

  2. HAHAH this post made me laugh. I'm from NY and I have had probably 4 snow days in my entire HS and college career.. so to answer your question, we just pray that the plow men are getting paid well and come down our street often. Very rarely does our main interstate highway gets shut down-- the first time that I can remember that happening was this year. PS I see that a girl in your "my family" pic is an AXiD... me too!! I love it when I find other sisters randomly. :) Have a good day off!

  3. i totally agree! i'm not a teacher but the schools here have been closed the past two days for....cold and rain. I hear you on the MLK day too - definitely should be used as a makeup day! hope things get up and running in charlotte pronto!

  4. Hey! Glad to see that you are back. I started a new blog too...the old is gone...but not because of hackers, just because I felt like I needed to! Hopefully, you'll come follow (http://thedietitiansdesk.blogspot.com/).