Sunday, January 9, 2011

Summer Lovin'

As everyone sets out to get their bread and milk, I find myself 1.) Wondering if I am going into work tomorrow 2.) Hoping that we don't have to make up these days if in fact we don't have work 3.) Daydreaming about summertime and 4.) Staying warm by the blazing fire in our living room. The husband and I were at the grocery store early this afternoon to simply get our groceries for the week. It is our Sunday tradition and man was Harris Teeter packed!  People had carts fulllll of bread and more milk and eggs than one person should eat.  I still don't know about this snow storm and if it is going to be as bad as the weather forums that my husband reads says it is.  
I have been daydreaming about summertime since the day winter began. Oh yes...allow me to damper the mood for all the winter lovers out there.  I am more of a bathing suit, beach, pool, hot sun kinda gal!  So to make sure I am prepared for summer time, I thought ahead.  See I am just like my friends who stocked up on bread and milk...I just stocked up in a different way!
I went to Target today and saw these two beachy dresses that I couldn't resist...

Cute Navy Anchor dress

Black and white striped dress
I can't wait to wear the dresses already! They are hanging in my closet...right next to my sweaters! (Which I can't wait to pack right back up!)
So not only did I buy two new dresses for summertime, I went ahead and bought some new bathing suits for the upcoming season!  I just love the off season for Victoria's Secret because you can get their bathing suits for dirt cheap!  Anyone else stock up during the off season?
Bathing Suit #1

Bathing Suit #2

Bathing Suit #3
These are also laying out in my closet to remind me of what is to come!  Actually I don't have to wait until summertime...the hubby and I are headed to the Dominican Republic for spring break this year!  We are dying for some R&R time together...away from the hustle and bustle of Charlotte!
So..I guess we will find out if a winter storm is going to blow through this evening...and if so I may have to prance around in a new bathing suit with snow boots! :) NOT!  I suppose I will play with our three fur balls in the snow..IF some actually falls!
Until later...all my summer lovas!


  1. Fun! I love your swimsuits! Hopefully you guys don't get the snow! We're suppose to get some for the next three days. ugh! I am ready for May already!

  2. I awarded you the Stylish blogger award! Check my page for details!

  3. LOVE that last swimsuit...soo cute! : )

  4. just found your blog- LOVE it!! cant wait to read more :)

  5. I'm going to Punta Cana in May and I can't wait for the sun and the heat!!! I hate this winter time! Love the swim suits

  6. I adore summer clothes! The purple bathing suit is adorable!