Sunday, January 2, 2011


 Oh yes...there is nothing better than hairy legs to start off the New Year!  This may be TMI for my readers BUT I seriously have the hardest time shaving my legs on a regular basis.  I mean every time I get in the shower I say, "I really need to shave." The problem is that I think showering is quite boring so I don't want to take the extra time to shave. Ugh I know I may not be the typical chica with this bad habit. Luckily, my father in law owns his own laser business!  He actually used to work full time lasering tattoo's, hair removal, etc.  Now he is retired but works one day at a week at a Plastic Surgeon's office.   Pretty fun job, I'd say!
So, I have always mentioned that I have wanted to laser my leg hair right off because of my anti-shaving attitude.  We always joke around and he tells me that we can set up an appointment to do it anytime.  Ok, I have been waiting for years...yes years.  Well I was in luck this past week.  My father in law came over and brought one of his lasers for me to use! WHAT?!?!?  Oh yes...he spent a long time teaching me about the laser, how it works, and what not to do.  It can actually be quite dangerous. Yikes!

Today I spent a good hour lasering the lower half of my legs!  Boy did it hurt BUT I am one step closer to being hair free on my legs and one day in the near future I won't have to shave ever again.  It takes a couple treatments to completely get rid of the hair but since I have the laser I will be able to do it in no time.  I am so stoked because (even though it is painful) I could see the results as I lasered away.  I tried to do my armpits (again..TMI) but it was wayyy too painful so I am going to have my father in law or sister in law do it for me.  I couldn't put myself through that much pain.
So I have a date on Saturday with my sister in law and the laser.  Hopefully we can help each other laser away what needs to be done so there will be no shaving for us in the future!
A huge thank you to my father in law for saving me time & lots of money!
Until later...your hairless friend,


  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds so scary!! I think it's totally worth it...I'd love to not have to shave my legs ever again!!

    Love your blog!!

  2. wow this is so cool! i'm VERY jealous. shaving is the pits (haha -pun intended). good luck with the rest of it!