Monday, August 22, 2011

A Peek into my Classroom

I promise I haven't disappeared!  We have gone back to school for our Teacher Workdays and I have been busy busy busy! For all my teacher readers, we all know how stressful those days can be and how many hours it takes to fulfill your duties.  I wanted to give a few peeks into my new 4th grade classroom! :)

 Bulletin Board for Classroom Jobs
 Busy Wall!  A wall for the student's to show off their work.
 Close up of student's brag wall!
 Close up of student's desk!  The tootsie roll bag says, "Here's something to help you ROLL into 4th grade!"
 Helping Hands - Teacher wishlist for Meet the Teacher day tomorrow
 Writing and math shelves
 A view of the room
 View of the room from a different point of view
 Sign in table
A gift for the parents! (Thanks for "popping" by!) and then a little message from me!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Tomorrow is when I meet my new 28 4th graders! :)  I am excited, nervous, and thrilled to be starting a new year with a new class!
Until later,


  1. Love your room and your little goodies....I kinda want my future child to be in your class :)

  2. Looks wonderful!! Good luck this year!

  3. 28!!! Oh my goodness...My class roster has gone from 24 to 18!!

  4. The gift for the parents is too cute!! Love that idea. :)

  5. I can only imagine the love that went into that room!