Monday, August 15, 2011


I have probably eaten ice cream more in the past week than in a long time.  Oops!  My body is not like it was five years ago.  I can see the change when I eat unhealthy foods. Yuck!  I need to head back to the gym as often as I used to and get this whole thing worked out. 
So I know you are wondering what my favorite ice cream place is...

 I absolutely love Marble Slab!! I have gotten the same ice cream and mix every single time I have gone there for probably ten years. And to think that I claim I like change.  I always get cheesecake mixed with butterfinger.  Does that not sound delish?  What are your favorite flavors?
I went to The Creamery last night with my sister and friend, Jessica.  While checking out I asked the cashier how they kept the marble cold enough to not melt the ice cream while they were mixing it.  I honestly was curious.  Then I found out a SECRET that will HAUNT me the rest of my LIFE.
You know the slab?  The famous "marble slab"????
IT IS NOT ACTUALLY MARBLE!!!  I know, insert your shocked face right now, I couldn't believe my ears.  The slab that the entire dessert franchise is based on is not marble.  It is granite. Does Granite Slab Creamery sound ok to you?  I don't think so.  
Alright, let me have it....are you as shocked as I was?
Until next lie unveiled,


  1. Hahah you should sue! Those liars.

  2. Shocker! I just had this over the weekend. My absolute fave is the cheesecake flavor too! I usually mix it up with either strawberries or raspberries, and my fave waffle cone is dark choc dipped. Now that I think about it, the little choc dipped waffle bowls are even better.

  3. haha you are too cute! And cheesecake and ice cream is the perfect combination, so I can understand why you don't change it up. :)

  4. I guess marble sounded classier : )