Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Making Progress

It's Thursday!  Woohoo - tomorrow begins the weekend!  I have to admit that I haven't appreciated the weekends as much as I do during the school year simply because the summer is one giant weekend.  I need to start appreciating them now because during the school year it is those two days that are my saving grace.
I was able to work in my classroom a little bit today.  If you were able to read my last post, my room looked like a tornado had flown through it.  It is by no means looking like a classroom yet but it is on its way and looks a little better than before.  Let's check it out!

I decorated the sink area with the character traits that our school recognizes monthly.  I put on my "To-Do" List to get some things to accessorize this area a little bit more.  I plan to put the classroom jobs on the bulletin board.
 One idea that I would love to share is this pencil "rule" that I keep in my classroom.  The kids LOVE to have the smallest pencil in the classroom and it would drive me nuts because their handwriting would be terrible.  I am hoping that in fourth grade we don't have that problem but I think I am going to leave it up until I know for sure.
 This is where my calendar will be!  I snooped around in the other fourth grade classrooms and I found that they all dedicated a whole board to the just the calendar.  I did that in my second grade classroom but there was more surrounding the calendar (weather, days of the week, etc.)
 This is where I am going to keep my math manipulatives and my writing area.  I plan to put fake flowers in the basket and to hang the blue board.  I also made more frames to put on the shelves in the writing area that have quotes about students and writing.  I hope to inspire my students this upcoming year to really focus on expressing themselves through writing.  (In case you couldn't tell, writing is my FAVORITE!)
This is where I have my bathroom passes and pointers that I made during the summer!  I'm not sure I am in love with where I have them but, it'll do for now!
I have to say that I love bold and bright colors in my room.  I don't really have a theme to my classroom, I just LOVE to have bright colors to keep the students interested in their classroom.  Too many times I walk into the upper grade classrooms and see sort of boring rooms.  I want to be the change this year that helps my new teammates really take pride in their rooms and really take the time to decorate their room so the children WANT to be there.  Here's to hoping and inspiring!
I can't wait to work back in my room next week a little bit because I feel like I am making some progress!  BTW I have LOVED getting to see the rooms of my fellow bloggers!  They look amazing ladies!  Keep up the amazing job! :)
Until next time,


  1. those pointers are so cute. Why didn't teachers do fun stuff like this for us?

    New to your blog! so cute!

  2. I love your room! I hope I can make mine as cute as this (when I get one that is! :) You are right about the upper rooms being more blah. I think bright and cheery go a long way for all kiddos! p.s. thanks for following my blog! I love new friends!

  3. Idk how to send you a message from my iPhone on blogger, but i am dying to know! I wanted to go out for big brother so bad but couldn't finish the app. Haha.

    I'm guessing Rachel or Danielle?!

  4. What you have gotten done so far looks awesome!!! Love the pointers:) I spent tons of time in my room to getting it ready....I even caught some flack for it BUT I want my kids to think it's wonderful and want to be there AND I spend half of my life in that room so I want to be happy to be in there too:)) Keep doing and inspiring:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. So pretty and colorful! I always think it seems like so much fun to decorate a classroom!

    Enjoy :)