Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Toasting to Daytime TV

Welp.  This is the last evening before I head back to work in the morning.  It's a Teacher Workday and we have a morning staff meeting, PTA Lunch, and team meetings in the afternoon.  It's a day of catching up with our fellow teacher friends, looking at class lists, and not getting a whole lot done.  I would love to find a teacher that actually gets a lot of work done on the first day back.  I usually going home feeling unaccomplished but I am determined to get at least one thing done tomorrow. (or so I say)
So what have I done today?  I woke up to watch a couple episodes of Saved By The Bell, had a massage (amen!), and then came home to do laundry and do a little crafting.  Of course I had to watch all my daytime today that I will not get to do after today.
I had to watch...

 The View!  I have to give all my "View" love to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  If she were not on this show then I probably wouldn't watch it.  I have to admit I am not a huge Whoopi fan and I think that she likes to take control of every conversation. (apologies to Whoopi fans!)  I have recently found this show...
The Talk!  This is the perfect cast (in my opinion)  How can you not just fall in love with Leah, Holly, Sharon, Julie, & Sarah?  I seriously LOVE watching all five of them interact and talk amongst each other.  They have different opinions and they respect each other.  They have a quality that you can't find on a lot of talk shows.
Have you watched either one?  Which one is your fave?
I am going to vote with THE TALK and send love to all of their fabulous hosts!
Let me leave by toasting to the ladies who have occupied my summer and kept me entertained for days on end.  You will be missed.


  1. I have never seen The Talk, but have heard it's good. I've been watching Saved By The Bell too! Have a good first day back! I feel the same way as well...more socializing than working :)

  2. Hahaha I did watch some Save by the bell reruns this summer too...thank goodness for DVR!

  3. I'm not a huge Whoopi fan either! BUT I do love the talk! Those girls are hilarious!