Monday, August 8, 2011

My Not-So Boring Monday

Oh Monday's!  I woke up this morning grateful that my alarm wasn't going off at 5 something in the morning but a little depressed because it is the last full week that I am not in "Back to School" mode.  Next week is the BIG week where I make my fourth grade teacher debut. (Enter nail biting here)
Today I ventured to the mall for what I thought was going to be a short trip to get another pair of Toms. Yikes..can we say addicted?  I ended up not even finding a store in the mall that carried them.  However I did end up doing something completely random while on my shopping trip.  I was walking through Belk's minding my own business when I was approached by a woman (Hi Amy!) who asked me to be her model for a Mac Make-up project.  I instantly though, "Me?"  I don't think of myself as model-esque or even that really pretty girl walking through the mall. I barely wear makeup and I don't even feel that comfortable wearing a lot of it.
I found myself agreeing to do this for her. In my mind I told myself I was being crazy.  Amy first took off all my makeup.  Be prepared....

 (Thank goodness the pictures are from my cell phone which is not fabulous quality.)  She had to do a day look and a night look on me for me to model. Yikes!  Amy was really great about asking me the colors I would normally wear and she really wanted to make me feel comfortable as well.  For my day look she used Studio Fix Fluid NW30 for my foundation, Mineralize Medium Plus for my powder, Pinch Me Blush, and then some fabulous colors for my eyelids, brow highlighter, and even lipstick colors.  Aye aye aye..already WAY more makeup than I usually wear.
 Then after my fabulous day look (which I really liked), she was on her way to creating a spectacular night look.  Let me be the first to say that my make up stays the same whether it be day or night. Is that bad?  I just don't have make up style I suppose.  She did a smoky eye, bright cheeks, and bright lipstick.  It was more dramatic.  The ladies working at Mac thought I should have left with it all on and I declined and asked poor Amy to please remove the make up when the modeling was done so that I could shop and not look weird.
My parents used to joke with my sister and I about becoming models one day and so today my dream came true! LOL!  It was really fun and I give major kudos to Amy, who has also been featured in the NY Times for her video tutorials on youtube where she has 11,000+ followers!  She has done make up for many fashion shows and I enjoyed looking through her look book as I waited when my makeup was done.  She did a great job and I want to give a big thank you to Amy for turning my boring Monday into a super fun makeup filled Monday!
Until later,
P.S. Any Bachelor Pad watchers out there?  Tonight is the night! :)


  1. What a great makeover! You start school early I start in two weeks. I went to my classroom today to start decorating!

  2. Oh and I know you are new to 4th grade but check out
    there are many "task cards" to upload and for 3-5th grade they are reallllly good. I used them as games or centers or exit cards after a lesson.

  3. You look lovely! I'm NEVER change my makeup either. I think that's okay :)

    You'll do awesome at being a 4th grade teacher! You know I can say that with such authority, but I believe it.

    Enjoy your last full week!

  4. That's cool...I wish someone in the mall would stop me for that :)