Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let me introduce you to....& share my number one problem!

Meet my three fur babies...

& Amber

These three dogs are seriously like my children.  They are spoiled and seriously run the house.  I really love them all and they are all rescue dogs!  There is only one problem...SHEDDING!
Please tell me someone else out there has dogs that shed crazily.  I mean these dogs shed and shed and shed.  We will sweep up what looks like another dog in just fur, just to have more the very next day.  It is seriously driving me insane.  The hubby and I spent a good hour cleaning today and then we even brushed the dogs and I already see hair. What is up with that?
We need HELP!  I am hoping there is someone out there that can give us the cure or share a secret that keeps your house fur free!  I am desperate and have even started browsing online for "As Seen On T.V" products that are supposed to keeping shedding to a minimum. All I know is I am ready for the shedding to stop and for my house to be hair free. 
Until next fur animal is swept up,


  1. your pups are so cute! I am with you on the shedding though.. I'm about to get serious with some dog clippers ;P

  2. Cute fur babies!! When you find the shedding cure PLEASE share! We battle the hair situation daily.