Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Favorite Baby Things

It's 2 o'clock...The Talk is on...and I just want to sit in silence. This morning Little Man and I had to run up to my school to turn in the laptop I had at home (that BTW was never turned on) for inventory purposes.  What I thought was going to be a quick visit ended up lasting two hours because everyone wanted to see and hold my baby.  Hello, germs.  I loved getting to show him off but the overstimulation has really done us in this afternoon. Phew!!!  I  have finally gotten him down for an afternoon nap after what seemed like hours of crying and fussing.  Nothing I could do worked.  FINALLY...a little nursing action calmed him down and he is out for the count right now.  I'm a terrible mom...he is on the bed with me as I'm typing.  There was no way I was going to risk him waking up trying to put him down in his "nap spot".  NO WAY!  Certainly other moms have done this too right?  Please tell me yes.

Since I am having a moment of peace and allowing my ears to take a break, I thought I would remind myself of the fabulous things that Little Man LOVES! 

First up...AVENT BOTTLES! (natural)

 I am a nursing mom of almost seven weeks..woohoo!!!  I never thought I would actually last more than a couple days breastfeeding but now it is second nature and is such a healthy option for my baby.  However when I venture out and need to pump bottles for him, Avent bottles are wonderful!  I get the natural ones and they have a great flow and L.M. (Little Man) adjusted to them on bottle #1.  He doesn't have any confusion with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  They are a great product to have!

Second on my list...GRACO PACK N PLAY! 
 We have this guy (in green) right in our bedroom.  Since it has a changing station attached to it, we have an easy place right in our room for a changing table.  I couldn't imagine having to go upstairs every time LM needs a diaper changed.  Yes, the one upstairs is gorgeous BUT the convenience of having this one beats anything else.  It is also LM's nap time spot!  He won't sleep in this overnight (which is fine by me) but I am trying to get him adjusted to the roominess so that when we move him to his crib, he will be familiar with a similar space.  He sleeps belly down (ooooo I know I am breaking the rules!) in here with me closely supervising him! :)

 I didn't know a darn thing about pacifiers before he was born and now I have a favorite!  The Soothie paci is what the hospital gives you (or what you steal extras of) and they are fabulous.  I don't use a paci often but when I do, this one suits him best.  I have tried other brands and he just doesn't take them as well as he does with these.  

Fourth on the list: PLAY YARD!
 This was actually given to me by another mommy that had her baby a week before me!  She received four play yards and I had two but I didn't have one that I was using downstairs.  (BTW what a pain to have things up and downstairs)  She so graciously gave this one to me to use and to try if it worked.  Now, LM loves this play yard.  He will lay under it and stare at the toys for 30 minutes if I let him.  He coo's at them and swats them around.  He doesn't even care about the other play yards anymore.  Seriously...he could care less.  There is also a lifted more cushion-y part where the monkey's head is so LM has tummy time on this mat too.  He loves it because he can stare at the black/white contrast of the monkey's eyes.  This is a secret winner!

Last but not least and my FAVORITE!!!!....Rock-n-Play!
This baby product has been our saving grace here in our house!  After our first night home with LM, we knew we needed something that he would sleep in.  I sent my hubby out to Buy Buy Baby where he came home with this.  On the box said, "For a restful nights sleep."  My hubby said that is what sold him!  Turns out it truly is a gift!!!  The first week, LM woke up twice a night to nurse and then would go back to sleep with some rocking on my part.  Now (he is six weeks), LM only wakes up once in the night to nurse and sleeps peacefully in this.  It is elevated so if your baby has acid reflux or anything of that nature, it will help them.  It also allows them to rock themselves.  When LM pushes with his feet, the bed will rock and help put himself to sleep.  This is by far my favorite product out there!

Sooo...let's share our baby secrets.  What products do you love?  What has worked for you?

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