Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Five of My Favorite Things!

December is such a wonderful month.  It is a time for giving, making new memories, being with family, and enjoying the beautiful weather we receive.  In the midst of this joyous season, I find myself stressed and living in some kind of chaotic world.  Why is it that holidays bring a huge to-do list that never seems to get accomplished?
Just to name of few of those things on the to-do list: Class Gifts, Finish student parent gifts, student teacher gift, Biz Town jobs/preparing for the field trip on Tuesday, finish Christmas shopping for my family, etc.  The list goes on and on and on.  The funny thing is that I have 8 work days to complete my list.  It seems impossible but I know it will get done....eventually.  Needless to say, I should be working on the list rather than blogging.  However, blogging was calling my name this evening.
Because I am feeling stressed, I wanted to think about things that really made this a memorable season and reflect upon things that really made me happy during the holidays.  We all have our favorites, right?

 Favorite Thing #1: Christmas Movies!!!  I absolutely love when I flip through the channels and find one of my favorite holiday movies on.  I can't help myself even if I have seen them 100 times or more. 
 Favorite Thing #2: Baking Christmas Cookies!!!  In fact this past Friday evening, the hubby and I spent the evening baking sugar cookies from scratch and decorating them with frosting and sprinkles.  Baking cookies never gets old and the cookies always just taste so good each year.
 Favorite Thing #3: Christmas Ornaments!!!  There is something about buying new ornaments that makes me incredibly happy.  I tend to get a lot of really neat ornaments from my students (including one today).  I love it!!!  I also have a bad habit of buying a ton of ornaments after the holidays and leaving them in the packages until the following Christmas.  It makes taking out the bins of Christmas decor exciting!
 Favorite Thing #4: Giving Christmas Gifts!!!  I have to say that spending time Christmas shopping can be overwhelming, frustrating, and fun!  I always have a time buying for the men in my family (is this normal in all families?)  and of course the women are pretty easy.  I like to find unusual items to give people because watching them open the gifts is always fun!  There is something about showing the people you love, just how much you care during the holiday season that lights up my life.
 Favorite Thing #5Stockings!!!  My entire family has matching stockings that are hand stitched from one of my great aunts.  They are really cute and I have had mine since I was born.  When my husband joined our family, it was one of the first things that was brought up by a family member.  They made sure he had a stocking for his first Christmas with me.  They are one of my favorite things to take out and hang by the fireplace.  It reminds me of family, those close by and those I won't get to see during the holidays.  I know they hang their stockings up as well and that brings me great joy.
Ok...I couldn't resist doing a Favorite Thing #6!!  Christmas Cards!!!  I ordered our Christmas cards before December even hit.  Yes, I know...I just couldn't help it.  I at least waited until December hit to send them out.  Not only do I like sending a little holiday cheer to friends & family but I love opening Christmas cards in the mail.  Even though it is a simple card that hundreds of people are receiving, just knowing that someone thought enough about us to send a card, brightens my day.  So far...we haven't received any in the mail but I am hoping that we will in the days to come.

So what are you some of your favorite December things?


  1. I LOVE stockings! One of the kids I babysit doesnt do them! I guess a lot of newer houses dont have fireplaces and I just think that is so sad! They are an oldie but goodie =]

  2. Such a cute festive post! Just found your blog & am LOVING it!!