Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creative Christmas Gift!!!

I am continuing along with my holiday posts with posting about the Christmas gift that my 4th graders are giving their parents.  I really have a difficult time thinking of something that the parents will actually use and not just get rid of them.  So I decided to...
 Step 1:  Buy different calendars from Michael's ($1.00)

 Step 2: Take off the clear cover from the calendar.  Use a staple remover to take apart the calendar.  Remove the cover from the calendar.  Use that cover as a template to cut out white rectangles out of card stock or construction paper.  The card stock tends to hold up better.  This rectangle will now serve as the cover for your calendar.  Give the white piece to your students to have them decorate the front and back cover.

 Step 3:  On the inside left side, have the students write a letter to the person they are giving their calendar to.  I had them write in pencil first so they could edit their work, if needed.  Then they could decorate it.

 Step 4:  Put the newly decorated cover together with the calendar pages and re-staple your pages together.  Put the calendar back in the plastic sleeve.  Now your calendar is personalized and ready to be wrapped for your holiday gift!!

Tada!!!!  It is really an easy, inexpensive way to show your families that their children care for them!  I spent $30 bucks total for this gift ($1/calendar).  I plan to have the kids use white wrapping paper to wrap their calendars in.  They will get to decorate their wrapping paper too!
Feel free to use this idea OR even better...share the ideas that you are using in your classroom/personal life!


  1. Such a great/cute idea! So easy and fun too I bet for the kids :)

  2. What a sweet and creative idea!! The parents are all going to LOVE this! :)

  3. This is such a sweet and creative project. I will have to do this with my nephew to give to my sister. :)

  4. How sweet is this! I love getting personalized gifts! Just wondering if your migraines are any better! I sure hope so!


  5. What a sweet gift! Their parents will LOVE it. :)