Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Have Been Inspired.

I have been inspired.  My younger sister decided to start back up her blog called Sense of Wonder.  Her blog is a collaboration of DIY projects, questions to ponder, and a place to journal random thoughts.  I used to blog all the time and I lost track of time and got carried away with work, being booked solid on the weekends, and of course the greatest inspiration of all, my son.  I had this great vision to blog while I was pregnant and to track everything and every moment with my friends in the blog world.  Between morning sickness, teaching my fourth graders, and attempting to get rest, I completely fell short with blogging.  I did however get a chance to snap pictures along the way.  I didn't share ANY of my pregnancy pictures with friends on facebook or even with my closest friends.  I figured, "Who wants to see belly pictures?"  Now I'm wondering why am I even going to share them on my blog?!?  I want them to be seen.  I want to share my journey with you all in hopes that I could share in your journeys with you too. 

 One of my favorite moments of being pregnant was when we revealed our pregnancy to our family.  Have you heard of the game Mad Gab?  We took one of the cards and (kudos to my husband) came up with our own card for the game.  It says, "Jaw In Dash Layer Praying Nut".  When said quickly it should read "John and Ashley are pregnant."  It took my in laws quite awhile to figure it out and we video taped them attempting to read the card.  It was pretty hysterical.  Anyways, I searched far and wide to find a creative way to reveal our pregnancy to our family and my husband spit this idea out.  Who would have thought the Mr. could be so creative?  Wait until I post the picture we posted on facebook for our friends to see?!?  Totally the hubby's idea!
I have to say that I am thankful that my pregnancy is now over although I'm grateful for every moment I had during pregnancy.  There are many women who don't get to share in this experience and I reminded myself of that often.  I didn't want to complain or make a fuss over morning sickness, restless legs, or any of that.  Things could have been worse.  I am blessed with a healthy baby boy now and I couldn't be more happy.  I am looking forward to keeping up and starting my blog back up for you to read and to share.


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