Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!  It's that much closer to the weekend for all my working friends out there.  I know my time will come next Monday (ugh) when the alarm will start to go off at 5:15 again every morning.  Oh the joys of being a teacher!
So a quick little update on the session with the personal trainer yesterday.  Wow did he kick my butt!  We sat down and discussed goals, take my body fat percentage, and went over the areas to work on.  So my goal for 2011 is to lose 8 pounds of fat and gain 6 pounds of muscle.  That would bring my body fat percentage down to 12%, which would be amazing! :)  The workout went well and the trainer def. worked the areas that I said I wanted to work on toning.  Now I have some exercises that I can use on my own.  I wish I had enough money to hire a personal trainer just for me once/twice a week.  Unfortunately, I can't spend 100 + bucks on that.  Do you have a trainer?  Have you used them? I heard that they are totally worth the money but I just can't find it in the budget to fork over that kind of money monthly. :/ I'll have to try it on my own first!

On a complete opposite do you feel about the wall decor stickers?

Are you a fan?  I have one above our master bed that says "Always Kiss me Goodnight" and I have thought about purchasing one for the kitchen and one for above our entertainment system in the living room.  I don't know if that would be too much or if it would look cute.  I like the quotes instead of the pictures, I think. Your thoughts?
Until later,


  1. I think if used right it can look cute....I would perfer quotes over pictures too.

  2. I like the pics...I'd said make sure there is a good balance of both.

    Have A Romantic Day
    ~Romantic Savy

  3. I think the quotes are better then the pics. I think some of the pics have the ability to look good but on the other hand if they aren't perfect they may not look great. You could always just try though. I'm thinking they come down pretty easy.

  4. I like the quotes better myself! I had some damask patterns, but they didn't stay on our wall, so I gave up! haha! I love being a teacher too, but I get a little too comfortable not working and really think I could get used to my life of staying home! lol!

  5. glad the training sesh went so well. i hear you about the money - they are pricey! ive only done two training session and then took what they told me on my own...also watch what they do with other clients while you're on the treadmill - it's like a free sneak peek ;)

  6. YAY! A new teacher friend! Im so excited!! I am enjoying this break way too much! I totally dont wanna go back next week!
    As for the wall stickers...they are cute...IF they are the right dont wanna go overboard!